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Close One

Native Indian peoples of mid-nineteenth century California endure invasions by Aleutians, Russians, Mexicans and Americans, all hungry for wealth and land.​

Patriots Unmasked

Our Founding Fathers were only human,

after all.

Running Time:  15:23 Minutes

That Falklands War

Why did two advanced nations, especially thousands of-miles-distant, England, battle over tiny, wind swept islands in the way-way-south Atlantic?

Sound Cloud Clips

"Caligula Goes North"

The Roman emperor's bizarre trip to ancient Britain.

Running Time:  11:34 minutes 

"Arrows and Muskets"

The French and Indian Wars were also British and American - No wonder everyone was confused!

Running Time:  9:11 minutes

"The War of 1812" 

America proved herself by declaring her first war and loved it!

Running Time:  12:38 minutes

"William, The Love Child"

 Too bad 'William, the Conqueror forgot that he was one.

Running Time:  11:12 minutes


A true saga about Hannibal, his elephants, and his other elephants.

/Running Time:  13:41 minutes

"Mary, Queen for a Day"

Beautiful, young, female, and powerful - of course they all messed with Mary of Scotland!

Running Time:  16:30 minutes