After years performing original comedy in live theaters around Northern California,

American Dream Players began, in 2014, to produce shows specifically for radio theater. 

Our cast includes seasoned actors, professional musicians and writers able to create stories

that make audiences laugh with recognition as, together, we process the human experience. 

We record in a professional audio multi-track studio, with state of the art sound effects capabilities.


If you enjoy funny, original stories that help reveal where we've been and where we're

going as we manage to laugh both at and with ourselves, please join us for the ride! 

As we continue to create new programs, we invite public radio stations to host

a story or a series and welcome you to share our website with your network.

Introducing Our Players

Janey Hirsh

Janey comes from a New England family of more serious published writers - two sisters, a brother and father, who nonetheless seem to appreciate her zanier approach to the written word. After years working and touring in live theater and puppetry, Janey finds that writing radio pieces for this particular group is what gets her out of bed in the morning - especially comedy!


Michael Monahan

A New Jersey native, Michael studied philosophy in college in Boston, then moved to the West Coast, where he experienced a career shift to boilermaker working on ships at San Francisco's Hunter's Point. A later career shift led to acting - possibly an inheritance from his grandfather, a vaudeville street performer in NYC. Michael particularly loves playing the more eccentric characters in our stories.


Marc Hirschman

Born on April Fool's Day in New York City many moons ago, Marc began his theater career as"Mean Mister Tooth Decay" in fourth grade. He later went on to portray the sinister Cardinal in "The Duchess of Malfi", 'Caliban' in "The Tempest' for the Valley of the Moon Players, the burglar in "Noises Off" in Monte Rio, Ca.,and the very down-to-earth drummer, 'Styx', for American Dream Players' "Hot Rocks" radio series.  Marc's fine bass voice has portrayed many other characters both onstage and in The Players' radio productions.

Roxanne Jacobs

Born near Chicago, Illinois, Roxanne

was surrounded by Pentecostal and Puerto Rican neighbors. The storytelling, music and food of the different cultures she grew up with, made a lasting impression, and drew her to theatre arts. Love of theatre was postponed: A family was raised, alongside a corporate career

in the natural products industry.

Backyard herbalism, landscaping, and creating stories with accompanying illustrations, were sustenance prior to her first acting gig. Member of the ADP for the past five years, Roxanne feels her dream of acting has now come true.

Cheryl Leighton

Watch out for the Quiet Ones!

Cheryl enjoys showing off her creative side when she can. As a youngster she often entertained her friends and family with foreign accents and famous impressions, a real ham at heart!…with plans for a creative life ahead. She looks forward to doing more creative projects when she retires from her Nursing career.

Steve Hastings

Having performed stand-up comedy through the nineteen-seventies, Steve continued to perfect his skills in the eighties as actor, musician, tap dancer and set designer, while also writing songs and touring with the band Air Whale. When the group disbanded, Steve continued as an actor, taking on many roles in film, radio and live theater productions.

Arnold Levine

Born and raised in London, UK , Arnold ran the infamous pirate radio station, Radio Concord, in the '70's. After picking grapes in Southern France and hanging out with Bedouins in Egypt, he spent his most recent 40 years in California, as a mechanical engineer, promoter of energy conservation and vegetarian activist. A fan of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, rollerblading and Monty Python, Arnold hosts the show every Friday at 7PM, PST on radio.

Joe Hoffman

Born in Greenwich Village, Joe was raised in rural CT, where he grew up on old-time radio, including 'Fibber McGee' and 'The Outer Limits'. A member of the American Society for Psychical Research, with a degree in psychology, Joe came to San Francisco during the summer of love in 1967. He next ran a pottery school and studio in the city, then moved to Sonoma County in the mid 70's to build his recording studio. A sound engineer for both the famous and not-so, Joe loves producing radio shows with the Players!


Sandy Feldhorn

A native New Yorker who grew up in Los Angeles, Sandy is a multi-talented musician (sax, flute, piccolo, percussion), as well as gifted comic and serious (when necessary) actor. A teacher of the deaf for thirty years, he now plays in the musical groups 'Old School', a rock band so-named because its members are mainly former schoolteachers, the 'Lithium Jazz' band, and the 'Windsor Jazz Ensemble'.


Joan Ambrosini

Born and raised in San Francisco, Joan  enjoyed summers in Guerneville, a resort town on the Russian River, where her family owned a popular restaurant. Joan got into trouble early on, when she chose the Confirmation name 'Paula" after Paul McCartney, instead of taking a saint's name, a situation which became fuel for her later career on the stage. Joan studied art in Europe as well as with luminaries Bill Wheeler and Carol Watanabe. An original member of the Occidental Readers' Theater, Joan performs in the 'Cemetery Walk' every October, playing a deceased individual, and considers this another opportunity to hone her acting skills - which she is thrilled to now share with American Dream Players.

Kitty Rutherford

Kitty is a third generation San Franciscan who loved growing up in the City - so many things to see and do.  She later moved to Marin and then on to Sonoma County.  Performing in musical theater as a singer, dancer and actress is her passion.  Mt. Play, 6th Street Playhouse, Santa Rosa Junior College and of course, American Dream Players are only a few of the groups on her theater resume.  Kitty is thrilled to be joining the Players to send out joy and laughter over the air waves.

We'd like to acknowledge Tom and Margaret McIntyre and Ella Linsley  for their contributions to our radio plays.

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