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"Hot Rocks!" 

Short, funny tales of Life in a Band

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Hot Rocks Do Thanksgiving

Unexpected guests of the two-legged and four-legged varieties make this Thanksgiving one to remember (not exactly fondly).
Running time:  11:06 minutes


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"Halloween Gig"
A gig at a local haunted house becomes a little too creepy for the band.
Running Time:  11:19 minutes

"Knights of Olde"
The band participates in the local Renaissance Faire, complete with arrows, galleons and a jousting tournament.
Running Time:  13:27 minutes

"Old West"
The band is hired to play for a re-recreation of the old west, which turns into an unexpected rodeo.
Running Time:  12:39 minutes

"Artichokes and Pheromones"
The band runs to Castroville's Artichoke Festival to escape from sizzling heat and especially, from unwelcome suitors in Arizona.
Running Time:  11:40 minutes

"Play Baseball"
An unorthodox version of the game is played by the band members and others.
Running Time:  9:57 minutes

"Day Job"
A shortage of gigs prompts the band members to - briefly - engage in other lines of work.
Running Time:  13:35 minutes

"Goin' to the Dogs"
With nowhere else to stay for distant 3-day music festival, band members agree to dog-sit for a nearby kennel.
Running Time:  11:42 minutes

"Horrid Movie"
Rachel, Styx, and Jasper meet werewolves, monsters and, far worse, cops, in the local park at night.
Running Time:  10:37 minutes

"Playing Around"
Rachel, Styx and Jasper try playing with other bands - but not for long.
Running Time:  13:11 minutes

The band members compete to see who can be first to find her or his perfect mate.
Running time:  15:53 minutes

"On Vacation"
The bands summer gig by a lake sounds too, too idyllic -
because it is.
Running Time:  15:53 minutes 


"Wedding Gig"
The band learns about marriage, Hollywood-Style.
Running Time:  10:43 minutes

"City Hall"
Rachel's niece convinces the band to join her 9th graders' activist campaign as they march to City Hall.
Running Time:  10:43 minutes

"Dress Shop"

Dressing rooms suddenly get very lively when the band goes looking for new attire.
Running Time:  12:02 minutes

"Cooking Class"
Band members are bamboozled by a one-week course offering to teach them to cook a different international dish every night.
Running Time:  10:55 minutes

"Hot Rocks Do Hamlet"
When the band members take part in a local fundraising performance of "Hamlet", they hope and pray The Bard is laughing, not groaning at the results.
Running Time:  28:54 minutes

"Yard Sale"
What sounds like a good idea quickly devolves into mayhem.
Running Time: 11:21 minutes

Unexpected guests of the two-legged and four-legged varieties make this thanksgiving one to remember (not exactly fondly).
Running time:  11:06 minutes

"The Fashion Show"
The band plays - or, tried to play - for a fashion show staged by junior high kids and their even more volatile parents.
Running Time:  11:17 minutes

"Goin' South"
A winter gig in Brownsville TX is inviting - until band members actually hit the road.
Running Time:  11:22 minutes

"School Dance"
A room full of rambunctious pre-teens ready to rock n' roll.
Running Time:  10:51 minutes

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