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"Romance and Other Mysteries"

All scripts by Janey Hirsh,
All performances recorded at Hoffmann Studios, Occidental CA.
Available in MP2 & MP3 Formats

A brief description of the plot and running time are listed below. 
For information on purchase, delivery details and questions you have, please email us. 

Sin City's annual 'Fig Leaf Festival'- a perfect chance to support (i.e.endure) the local high school marching band, eat,drink - and rob the jewelry store of its most precious item.  Can two determined bloodhounds figure out what happened next?  And next?  And next? 

Old lovers, old pals, and old enemies appear and get way too involved with the upcoming marriage of two of their "friends". Can this (forthcoming) marriage be saved?
Running Time:  20:03 minutes

San Francisco, nineteen sixty-eight: Peace, love, rock 'n' roll, Be-ins, acid trips, Vietnam looming - as parents visit the band's commune  for Solstice (they call it Christmas). Freak out!
Running Time:  36:19 minutes

The Purloined Necklace
Wedding, Maybe
Warp 60s

San Francisco, 1956.

A missing chorus girl, a deserted ranch, a parade of psychics, a seance, an arsonist, the morgue - Fortunately, nothing is too spooky for detective Johnny Nickel and his astute sidekick, Joanna Barnes - even a Communist witch-hunt, extra-terrestrials and their pushy Police Chief.

Running time: 39:52 minutes

Intrepid detective ferrets out dognapper from a

household of eccentrics and their more peculiar neighbors.

Running Time:  24:04 minutes

Lucky Elyse! She gets to turn forty at a surprise birthday party where the guests include her old lovers and her old rivals.Could this be the worst day of her life?

Running Time  19:40 minutes

Elyse's Birthday
Johnny Nickel
The K-9 Caper
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